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Crooked Thumb is the spectacular pinnacle on the skyline ridge just north of the summit of Teewinot Mountain in the Teton Range, Wyoming. It is a rock formation seldom climbed with quirky name and unique shape.

When making decisions, especially in high-risk situations, it is important to Listen to Your Inner Voice. What makes this challenging is we have two inner voices, our emotional and instinctive voice and our logical and reasoned voice. In order to make good decisions in risk sports and life,  we need to listen and understand both voices.

Steve is a writer and his creative non-fiction articles have appeared in national magazines. For over 50 years, Steve has been pursuing high risk adventures. He is an expert rock & ice climber, ski mountaineer, and paraglider pilot.  In addition to writing, Steve works as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and cycling coach.  He currently lives in Plymouth, Minnesota.



Genesis on the Grand: A Near Ending Is a New Beginning | Rock & Ice Magazine, November 2017

Chasing Ghosts | Hang Gliding and Paragliding Magazine, January/February 2017

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