Chasing Ghosts

It is June 26th, 2017, six days after the summer solstice. Thad Spencer and I are chasing ghosts across Southern Minnesota. The ghosts are of course, thermals, stepping stones for cross country pilots travelling down a river of air. Thad is my mentor. Flying paragliders since 2002, he is an excellent cross country pilot and holds the current Minnesota State distance record of 116 miles/186 km set the previous summer.

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Genesis on The Grand: A Near Ending is a New Beginning

An insistent voice brought me out of the void and darkness.

“What is your name? Where are you?”

My eyes opened to see a chiseled face with furrowed brow. Pain stabbed my side, and my head, arms and legs were covered in blood.

I spoke softly, giving my name and our location as the Grand.

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Commitment: The Importance of Being Honest With Yoursel

Facing my paraglider on the ground, I step back and pull up my wing which catches the wind flowing over my back. The cells fill with air and it shoots above my head. Ten feet from the edge of the bluff and 400 feet above the Mississippi River, I turn, take a step toward the edge, and we are airborne. I am committed to launch. It is 1:05 pm on Thursday, October 3rd, 2018.

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