Technical Writing

Rare Earth Elements: A Bubble or Long-Term Growth Story

Over the last twelve months the Rare Earth Element (REE) industry emerged from complete obscurity to front page international news driven by high Rare Earth price sand China’s stranglehold on supply.

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Bakken Three Forks: A World Class Petroleum System

The Bakken Three Forks is a world class petroleum system. This system was different from traditional oil and gas reservoirs and required new ideas and technology to exploit the resource.

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Metal Resources of the Duluth Complex, Minnesota

The National Resource Research Institute, University of Minnesota at Duluth estimates there are 13 known copper nickel deposits in the Duluth complex that could host a theoretical resource of 4.4 billion tons with an average grade of 0.66% copper, 0.20% nickel, and 0.02 ounces per ton of Platinum Group Metals (PGM). This resource would be the third largest nickel deposit in the world.

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Global Economic Outlook: Signs of Improvement

There are a number of global economic indicators that are showing significant improvement over the last several months and there are a number that seem, at least to not be getting any worse.  First we are seeing improving economic growth in China. This is important for us because both our resource and technology investments will benefit from an acceleration of Chinese domestic demand and export growth.

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