“Why? For love: love of the world’s wild places, love of the struggle to overcome adversity, and the love of adventure.”

Gary’s Big Day: Training for Adventure

Photo: Gary on the summit of the Grand Teton 13,775 feet, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Photo credit: Gary Christensen collection. Sweat rolls down our foreheads and into our eyes. The steep, rocky trail offers no relief from the mid-day sun; not a breath of wind, 92 degrees and humid. Reaching the top of the […]

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Don’t Let The Old Man In: Seven Strategies For Adding life To Your Years

Photo: Steve and Charlie Markusen on the summit of the Grand Teton, Wyoming. From August 2019, fifty years after Steve first climbed the Grand with his dad Dave Markusen in 1969. “I just get up every day and don’t let the old man in.” Clint Eastwood                                                          Aging is like rust—it never sleeps. As we […]

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