“Why? For love: love of the world’s wild places, love of the struggle to overcome adversity, and the love of adventure.”

When Muscles Lock: Understanding and Preventing Muscle Cramps

Featured photo: Fertile ground for muscle cramps… high intensity criterium racing. Bent over our handlebars, hearts pounding, the spectators on the shoulders are a blur. There are four of us in the lead breakaway pack; our bicycles inches apart. Seven hundred yards ahead is the finish line for the 2020 Minnesota Senior Games Men’s 40…

The Long Way Back: Recovering From Traumatic Injury or Major Surgery

Featured photo: Teton Rescue Ranger Nick Armitage airlifting his “package” Steve Markusen. The rest of the rescue team (lower left corner) remain on the Exum Ridge, Grand Teton, August 8, 2014. Credit Brian Carver “What is your name? Where are you?” My eyes opened to see a chiseled face with furrowed brow. Pain stabbed my…

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